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R.I.P. my facebook
Wednesday 20 June 2012

After a lot of mucking around online I have decided to remove myself from facebook. Yip I deactivated my account. The general idea is that if you need to get a hold of me you already know how and if you wanted to contact me you should have done so before.

Part of the other reason is that I don't want the information that facebook will sell to others for data mining. But wait I hear you say they still have your email address because you can reactivate your account. If you have come to my page through way of google then you might not have noticed the url. Yes this is my domain and I also have the emails for this as well. I had an aliases for my facebook account and that has also been removed as well.

So if you have wanted to know what I'm up to these days then this is the place to come. If your just looking around keep an eye on this site as its going to grow. For everyone else I'll just say "Hi"