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Back up and running again
Tuesday 17 January 2012

Once again we are back up and running again. Web services have been restored and I'm looking forward to adding some new features to the site like RSS feeds for each page and also email lists as well.

I know a lot of the information on the pages in the site are a little out of date. This was due to me playing around with the hardware that the web server was running on. To put a long story short a power cut had caused issues on my freeNAS box that cause issues with file that was being used for the iSCSI target causing a lot of data to get lost, lets say over 1TB worth of data went west.

This meant that I had to restore from an old back. Lots of different lessons learnt from this to say the least. I should have known better and there is no way I would do the things that I did at home in my job but it is a case of needs must