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3D ready grass
Thursday 05 July 2012

Just a quick update. There have been a few things happening behind the scenes. I have uploaded a few new photos to the Misc Funnies gallery.

I have also started coding a mates site so that its easier for him to do updates on his site that is hosted on my server Ink Blot. I'm going to be keeping it looking the same but will be adding an admin section and also a Gallery with thumbnail generator so that is taking up a bit of my time as I will also have to add in all his updates.

Other than that there is not a lot else happening around here. I did go fishing the other day on a mates boat. I must remember to take my camera along with me next time as we did see a seal swimming in the water. Would have been good to get a shot of that. Didn't catch much but it was a lot of fun and it got me thinking that it would be nice to have a boat some day soon. Maybe its my midlife crisis calling.

Sent an email to a mate requesting some of his 3D grass. I must have been a bit tired and a little sarcastic so I put in greetings and little notes into it for the poor person who was going to have to read it because I put the word grass in there. I'm sure that is not the case these days and there are complicated algorithms involved that would have ruled the email away from being criminal but it was mostly for the laugh

Just on a side note. Noticed in the news this morning that Eric Sykes has died. I remember him mostly for the Goon Show.