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Lessons learnt
Tuesday 31 January 2012

I have spent a lot of time working on the code around this site to make things eaiser on my self. Things like this update are not entered manually, no big deal I hear you say I do that all the time on fabebook, twitter, youtube .... but most people haven't designed and written the code behind those sites.

I will openly admit that the page to enter this update is not very pritty but it get this and other enteries done. But now it is time to look into making the site a bit more readable to you.

This is going to include a major redesign from juni0r which includes new images but I have also learnt that some little things like images makes the reading of updates a little eaiser.

To this end people I'm going to make more of an effort to take my camera with me when going on trips so that I can include images in the updates that I enter

As always I'm open to suggestions so please let me know